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TE2, The Experience Engine™ Inc. is a market leading Experience-as-a-Service company (XaaS). We integrate physical and digital experiences across mobile, web, and wearable technologies resulting in contextually relevant branded consumer experiences that are personalized, convenient, memorable and secure. Our enterprise platform combines time-of-day, customer data, and proximity to deliver game-changing consumer experiences using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (BLE), GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC and RFID technology.

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Unify Digital & Physical Consumer Experiences

At the heart of our product story is ease-of-use. Mission Control and your Live Branded Map combined with our seven products make it easy for marketers, IT and creative to build, deploy and scale a variety of contextual experiences.

TE2 respects consumer privacy by allowing users to easily opt-in and opt-out from individual features powered by the platform. Consumers choose what level of personal information they feel comfortable sharing.


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