The Experience Management Platform That Boosts Loyalty and Revenue

TE2’s customer experience management and real-time interaction platform allows hotels, theme parks, quick-service restaurants and hospitals to interact with visitors before they arrive, during their visit and after they leave. By engaging consumers through mobile apps, websites, kiosks, digital signs and chatbots, the TE2 platform drives incremental revenue through mobile re-targeting, cross-selling and up-selling. Increase brand loyalty and your net promoter score through the ability to curate each consumer’s journey by addressing individual friction points, reacting to real-time behaviors and providing machine-learning-based suggestions.

Design Each Customer’s Journey

  • View the profile of every connected onsite customer
  • Push content to mobile apps, websites, kiosks and other content platforms before, during and after their visit
  • Use your existing data to segment based on location, geography, demographics, activity and more
  • Design campaigns that follow visitors through their day, sending them tips, directions and in-the-moment offers
  • Launch last-minute promotions to quickly move perishable stock or reduce queuing lines
  • Create rules that respond to real-time consumer behaviors and geographical locations



Create, deliver and publish content and offers tailored to brand-defined audience segments based on time, location and proximity


The API platform works as a traffic control system to deliver content based on user attributes, real-time behaviors and audience segmentation


The display unit can be mobile devices, AI/bots, wearables, kiosks, digital signs, laptops, desktops, and integrated apps

Help Customers Experience a Better Day

I don’t know what to do next. I don’t know what to expect. How do I make a reservation? How long do I have to wait in line?  

These are the things visitors are worried about when they’re at your location. They want a stress-free experience but everywhere they look there are options for what to do first, and next, while the clock is already ticking away the precious minutes they have to spend onsite.

TE2’s customer experience platform allows you to address friction points and design the best ways for customers to engage with your physical location.


The TE2 Story

Our mission is to invent groundbreaking technologies that empower consumer brands to enhance customer experiences and positively impact lives. That’s why we spent two years in a top-secret lab in Miami working on the solution that we revealed during the CES 2017 keynote address. Learn more about TE2.