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5 Mobile Metrics Worth Measuring

Having a good grasp on how guests engage with your mobile app is key to further enhance their experience with your brand. One way to better understand your

Who Should Be In Charge of Your Venue’s Onsite Customer Experience Management Program?

A successful experience management program in a resort, theme park or other venue will lead to significant business results if it is managed well. As a result, when working with a customers of

The Best Way to Create a Location-Based Experience Plan

Organizations with physical venues in particular have a tremendous opportunity to improve the guest experience through the delivery of location-based messages and other experience-based content.

Push Messages and Perishable Inventory

How Hospitality Marketers Can Capitalize on Expiring Goods It’s well established how hotels, resorts, theme parks and other attractions need to offer a wide variety of amenities and activity

Addressing “The Paradox of Choice” for Theme Park and Resort Guests

In my role as Product Evangelist at The Experience Engine (TE2), I often reference The Paradox of Choice - Why More Is Less, a renowned 2004 book by American psychologist Barry

The First Step for Implementing an On-Site Experience Management Program

As Product Evangelist for The Experience Engine (TE2), I advise hotels, theme parks and other organizations on how to create and manage customer experience management programs that elevate a

Introducing the TE2 blog

Welcome to TE2’s blog. This blog will be TE2’s public forum for sharing information about our customer experience (CX) management solutions. In it, we’ll use best practices, lessons learned,

Hospitality Upgrade runs Matt Oberdorfer’s article on “Helping Older Resorts Stay Hot with an IoT Retrofit”.

Hospitality Upgrade runs TE2 authored article on “Helping Older Resorts Stay Hot with an IoT Retrofit”.  In this article, Vice President of Product Matt Oberdorfer addresses how resorts can

Hospitality Technology Runs TE2 Article “Making Sense of the CX Onslaught”

This Hospitality Technology TE2-authored article, "Making Sense of the CX Onslaught" discusses the many steps in the sales funnel and goes beyond the traditional "pre-stay, in-stay and post stay"

accesso Announces Plan To Acquire The Experience Engine (TE2)

accesso Technology Group plc (AIM: ACSO), the premier technology solutions provider to leisure, entertainment and cultural markets, plans to acquire The Experience EngineTM (TE2) in a move that