5 Mobile Metrics Worth Measuring

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Having a good grasp on how guests engage with your mobile app is key to further enhance their experience with your brand. One way to better understand your guests is by tracking and measuring the metrics behind the actions your guests are actually taking.

Here are five questions to help refine mobile metrics to track, measure, and optimize towards the goal of improving the guest experience. By focusing on a few key mobile metrics, you’ll be able to monitor changes to improve product features, app marketing promotions, and guest communication.

  1.  How many guests downloaded your mobile app?

You’ve worked so hard to build your mobile app, now you want to track how many people have downloaded your app. Whether they are looking for helpful features, valuable content, or special offers, these are all reasons why guests want to get your app. The trends in number of downloads tend to fluctuate depending on new app features, updated content, offers, and promotions so it’s good to track when these events occur to measure their impact.

  1.  How often guests are using your app?

With your mobile app in your guests’ hands, it’s time to monitor how often guests are actually using your app. According to TechCrunch, nearly 23 percent of users abandon an app after one use; your app doesn’t have to be one of them. By offering different points of engagement for guests at different times during their journey you can provide plenty of reasons for them to come back..

  1. What features of the app are guests engaging with?

As guests interact with your mobile app, it’s essential to know what features they are engaging with. This data can be found in a mobile analytics solution such as Google Analytics to access metrics such as where guests are engaging the most in your app, how long they are engaging and what do they do next. On the opposite end, it’s equally essential to know what features aren’t very engaging or aren’t being used at all. This could mean there may be an issue making the feature hard to use or the feature hard to access.

  1. How are guests engaging with your content?

When providing valuable in-app exclusive content through push notifications and in-app messaging, it’s important to track how well guests are relating with these messages. This includes measuring conversion rates from the top of the funnel down such as message delivery, view, tap and redemption rates, etc.… Also, consider measuring one level deeper and segment conversion rates by target audience to see how you can further improve content for a specific segment.

  1. What do guests really think of the app?

Guest feedback on your mobile app provides valuable insights into their delights and pain points. Whether you gather and monitor feedback metrics through rating and reviews in the app stores, guest surveys, or email; gathering real life responses from your guests is invaluable. Honest guest feedback (even if some of the feedback may be too honest) will allow you to improve the mobile app experience ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Measuring and tracking these five essential mobile metrics, you’ll gain better insights on how to improve your guests’ experience with your app. You’ll better understand how engaged your guests are and what areas they are engaging with. The more you know about your guests through these metrics, the better you can discover and adapt to changes along the way.


Kim Nguyen is TE2’s Reporting Analyst.