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The digital experience portal, created by Carnival and partners serves as a vacation concierge before, during, and after travel.


TE2’s technology bridges the physical and digital brand experience across mobile, wearables and other digital technologies.

According to Michael Jungen, Senior Vice President of Guest Experience Design and Technology for Carnival Corporation, “Partnering with an organization as innovative and accomplished as TE2 has allowed us to reduce time to market and develop a comprehensive solution that elevates both the guest and crew experience.”

Within the critical hospitality market, we are able to help brands improve and personalize the guest experience by matching preferences with the activities and services. Even before they arrive, personalized experiences can be created so that when guests arrive they have exactly what they need the very moment they need it, increasing the likelihood of a positive experience, return visits and word of mouth referrals. In this highly competitive market, it will be key to offer specialized, personalized services that improve the guest experience. The TE2 team can assist hospitality customers by building campaigns based on the wide range of contextual user data, allowing them to better understand consumer behaviors.


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