Timely Mobile Offers Generate Incremental Revenue While Improving Guest Experience

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Holidays are a time for relaxation and fun. Nothing says “Holiday” like a nice day with family and friends visiting a theme park enjoying rides, food and entertainment. Yet, on holidays, crowds gather and long wait times at rides can form. This scenario is a perfect opportunity for theme parks to alleviate a guest friction point through a customer experience management platform such as TE2’s Experience Studio. TE2’s platform helps parks improve the customer experience while realizing additional revenue.

For example, one theme park experienced peak attendance times during the Spring break holiday. The high park attendance resulted in long wait times for some of the park’s most popular rides. Within the TE2 platform, the client designed an app-exclusive offer to improve the guest experience for visitors who might be willing to pay a little extra to skip the long line. The app-exclusive offer was sent to all users in the park as they entered. The offer was for 25% off a ride reservation queue system after 1 pm. Guests who took advantage of the offer could schedule rides for up to 6 people on top rides at the theme park.

The offer ran for five weeks and the top performing week was during Spring break. The results support the idea that some guests were willing to pay a little extra to avoid long lines. During Spring break, four times more redemptions occurred than the previous week. With an average transaction value of more than $100, you can see how this promotion impacted this park’s bottom line.

The theme park anticipated an opportunity to improve their guests’ experience during peak season while realizing additional revenue. With the TE2 platform, they were able to design an app-exclusive offer tailored to provide value to their guests and create a more enjoyable experience.

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Kim Nguyen is TE2’s Senior Data Analyst, Analytics.