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Welcome to TE2’s blog. This blog will be TE2’s public forum for sharing information about our customer experience (CX) management solutions. In it, we’ll use best practices, lessons learned, case studies and insights to illustrate how the delivery of highly-contextual, personalized content to consumers can have positive impacts on your business. TE2’s product management, marketing, client services, engineering, QA and other departments will share their varied expertise in this blog, and you may be hearing from guest bloggers including book authors, analysts, academics and industry luminaries here as well.

More than four years ago, we set out to build our customer experience engine from the ground up. Today, our scalable, cloud-based platform is used by leading brands in the hospitality, theme park, healthcare, QSR and other industries. Our platform has delivered millions of personalized experiences on behalf of those brands, continually processing real-time customer identity and location data to determine what content to send each individual consumer, and when. As a result, millions of consumers have received just the right content at just the time in their journeys, resulting in memorable experiences that drive brand loyalty, advocacy and increased revenue.

Based on our experiences from the last four years, in our blog we’ll be covering topics such as the following:

  • How do I assemble the ideal CX team?
  • What are the key steps involved in creating a new CX experience for our customers?
  • How do I set metrics?
  • What types of messages will help drive revenue and move inventory?
  • When in the customer journey does CX start?
  • How can I improve Net Promoter scores?
  • How does the technology work independently and within our existing infrastructure?
  • What are the most common CX missteps and how can we avoid them?
  • How are the impacts of CX measured?

Feel free to contact us with any suggestions. Also, check back soon for more posts about how we help brands control the outcome of interactions with their customers. Thanks for stopping by!