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The Orchestration Layer

Connecting Your Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) gives organizations the ability to connect people, information, buildings, physical devices and software in ways that were never before possible. But how do you incorporate IoT into your marketing and customer engagement strategy? The Orchestration Layer integrate your third-party IoT platforms and proximity-based network data, then uses a rules engine to determine which content should be delivered to each of your customers, and when.
Connecting Your Customer Ecosystem
How it works

How Does It Work?

  • The TE2 platform communicates with your systems of record using REST APIs.

  • These APIs power all dynamic content and server-side operations including: venue locations, points of interest,  walking paths, push notifications, messaging, shows, events, menus, geofences, application modules and category filters

  • Our cloud-based solution works as an air traffic control system to deliver digital assets, content and offers to users based on selected criteria

Use Data in Smart New Ways

Your organization likely collects all kinds of unused customer data such as behavior, location, frequency of visits or other transactions. TE2’s orchestration layer compiles and process this data, and makes it available for you to use in smart new ways. Choose individual data points as criteria for triggering experiences; for example, last-known interaction dates to identify lapsed customers. Or, compile all of one customer’s data to establish an identity for them, then compare them to others to find similarities that can be used to predict future behavior.
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