Introducing Experience Studio

The Only Platform to Personalize Customer Experiences Before, During and After a Visit

Expanding Customer Experience (CX) Management

Experience Studio is the first and only experience design and real-time interaction platform that targets and engages guests before they arrive, during their visit and after they leave — enabling marketers to bridge the physical-digital divide for the first time. Deliver personalized, contextual content based on your guest’s behavior and location. Interact with customers via mobile apps, web sites, kiosks, digital signage and chat bots. Drive additional revenue through mobile re-targeting, cross-selling, up-selling and one tap transactions. Experience Studio increases brand loyalty and net promoter score by curating each consumer’s journey, addressing friction points and reacting to real-time behaviors.
  • Multiple Venue Management

    Secure single sign-on services and a federated identity management layer

  • Mobile Commerce

    Orchestration layer between product catalogs, POS systems and external payment gateways

  • Core Location Services

    Background monitoring of GPS, geofences and Bluetooth proximity beacons

  • Data Connector Framework

    Unified interface for data from customer or third-party SORs

Improve Operations

Influence customer behavior to move inventory, reduce wait times, optimize staffing, predict demand and create efficiencies.

Find New Revenue

90% of purchases are made onsite. Drive sales by using real-time data to interact with your customers where and when it matters most.

A Personal Touch

Create a journey for each of your consumers that is individually targeted through digital-to-physical personalization.

Technology ROI

Maximize the value of current systems and data by using them to power your new experience management program.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Other experience management solutions can address only the digital interactions between your brand and your customers. TE2’s platform lets you influence physical world interactions as well — where 90% of purchases are being made. TE2 offers the first and only platform that lets you personalize physical world customer journeys through highly-contextual offers and content. Our platform is different — and so is our story. See how we brought our ideas and technologies together to create this groundbreaking platform.