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Turn Moments into Memories

Create real connections between your brand and your customers

Experiences Matter Most

Experiences matter more now than ever – more than price, more than product selection, more than anything else. Customers are increasingly leaving brands after poor experiences and spending more with those who provide positive ones. Now, alongside product development and marketing, brands across the board are prioritizing and investing in tools to manage and personalize customer interactions. TE2’s platform delivers highly-contextual, personalized experiences to each of your customers through their entire journey. We can give your brand the tools it needs to win in today’s experience economy.

TE2's Experience Marketing Capabilities

  • Create, manage and measure customer experience programs for visitors before, during and after a visit

  • Segment users into audiences based on their identity, proximity and behavior

  • Target content and offers based on individual consumer preferences

  • Recommend activities, events, services and products based on past behavior, preferences and location, with the ability to leverage similar user profiles

  • Create and manage loyalty programs, rewards and coupons

Data-Driven CX

TE2’s Mission Control interface gives you data and insights into individual customers: identity, preferences, behavior, purchases, location and more. You can use this data to decide what type of information or offers to send, and at what point in a journey it should arrive. Create and manage digital assets, and define delivery requirements. Use visual analytics to see how campaigns are performing in real-time, and optimize them on-the-fly.

Orchestrate Positive Outcomes

TE2’s platform offers a wide range of modular CX capabilities to help you control how customers experience your brand before, during and after their visit. Use mobile messaging, content personalization, mobile commerce, maps, identity management and recommendations. Deliver personalized, contextual content and offers at just the right time to make them them feel special, and show them that you care about their individual experiences. You’ll see the return on effort through increased loyalty, advocacy, NPS and increased revenue.

Expertise Across Industries

Wondering how to begin your CX program? TE2 can help. We have deployed solutions across countless leading brands, giving us insights into what pleases different types of customers in various situations and industries.