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Operational Support

Positively Influence Customer Experiences and Operational Efficiencies

Address Venue Pain Points Through Your CX Program

An experience management program can both elevate a guest’s experience with your brand and have positive impacts on your venue’s operations. When your guests receive the information they need at the right point in their visit, you’ll see smoother day-to-day operations inside your venue. By proactively providing answers to FAQs, walking directions, easy mobile transactions, wait times and more, your guests can depend less on your staff and be more self-sufficient. You can also use TE2’s platform to influence guest behavior to your benefit based on real-time conditions inside your venue, such as sending a last-minute offer that moves guests from a crowded outlet to one with more capacity.

Orchestrate Win-Win Situations

Address operational burdens and guest frustrations:
  • Alleviate congestion and long lines by using messaging, offers and mobile transactions to steer visitors to other areas
  • Use real-time offers to promote under-utilized outlets and move inventory including perishable foods, reservations and tickets
  • Relieve staff resources by using dynamic content to answer frequently asked questions and provide walking directions
  • Increase efficiency by communicating with your employees or other internal groups in real-time
  • Get the data you need to make predictions about user behavior, staffing, supplies, inventory, and capacity
  • Grant or restrict access to certain areas

Capture 'Use it or Lose it' Revenue

Finding just the right balance between inventory and demand for perishable inventory such as food, entertainment tickets, spa bookings, cabana rentals, and dining table reservations can be a challenge. No organization likes to see inventory go unsold. TE2’s real-time mobile messaging allows you to promote the availability of remaining inventory, whether discounted or not. With SOR integrations, alerts can be automated and triggered based on inventory, and sent to users who have demonstrated interest or who fit other criteria; for example, a hotel may reward top-tier loyal members with discounts on golf or spa amenities.

The Future of Marketing is Customer Experience

The benefits of positive customer experiences are well-established: increased customer loyalty and advocacy, elevated NPS, higher revenue, streamlined operations and more. While brands across the board prepare for this future, TE2’s current hospitality, theme park, healthcare and QSR customers are already winning in the CX game, seeing bottom-line impacts of improved customer experiences. TE2’s quick deployments can help your CX program succeed faster than your competition’s. Our platform offers the end-to-end creation, targeting and delivering of personalized customer experiences before, during and after a guest visits.