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Expand Utility of Existing Systems

Personalize Customer Experiences with Systems of Record (SOR) Data

New Uses for Existing Data

Your organization collects customer data through a number of sources. By tapping into existing Point of Sale (POS), reservation, loyalty program, ticketing and other systems, you can immediately start leveraging existing customer data to personalize experience management campaigns. Past purchases can inform today’s coupons and offers, while historical visiting behavior can drive reactivation or loyalty campaigns. A simple facility retrofit can provide untapped data from IoT-enabled devices, while even more can be captured from new sources like beacons.

How Data Powers Contextual Experiences

  • Your SORs and other data sources report real-time interactions and customer locations to TE2’s platform
  • TE2’s platform continually determines each customer’s real-time context based on the data received
  • You create content delivery rules using TE2’s Control Room dashboard
  • Whenever a customer’s real-time context matches your criteria for content delivery, TE2’s platform will push the appropriate content to mobile apps, kiosks or digital signage
  • Since every customer’s identity and real-time context varies, each receives a unique content experience

Get More Out of Your Data

  • Expand the value of your IT infrastructure. Get more out of your ticketing, mobile-app, POS and third-party IoT platforms.
  • Integrate with peace of mind. Our platform is secure, stable and your data is always safe.
  • Reduce workload and create internal efficiencies.

Simple Deployments, Sophisticated CX

TE2’s platform is comprised of Experience Modules, enabling an easy setup of a robust CX solution. Our modular development supports fast deployments, flexible customizations and future scalability. We’ve also built integrations with many common industry SORs so you can quickly tap into customer data and begin delivering personalized experiences.

The Leader in Digital-Physical CX

At any given moment on any given day, TE2’s platform is hard at work delivering millions of unique experiences to the customers of top hospitality, theme park, healthcare and QSR brands across the globe. While our platform does the heavy lifting, the brands we work with can focus on maximizing CX program results and revenue from customers before, during and after they visit. Find out more about us and how your brand can do the same.

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