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True Omni-Channel Marketing

Control How Customers Experience Your Brand — Digitally and In Real Life

Bridge the Digital-Physical Divide

Physical, real-word interactions between customers and brands have been a blind spot for marketers seeking true omni-channel experience tools. Now, TE2’s platform addresses this gap by engaging with individual customers through personalized content before, during and after their onsite visits. Using campaign rules you control, TE2’s platform determines each customer’s eligibility for your brand’s special offers and other content based on real-time data including current physical location. With insight into real-world customer interactions, your brand can act on their behavior to deliver true omni-channel personalization.

Exceed Expectations

Your customers are looking for stress-free, frictionless and memorable experiences that make them feel special, and are tailored to their unique needs in the moment. With TE2’s platform, your brand is empowered to meet and exceed those expectations. Positive customer experiences will impact your brand through elevated NPS scores, loyalty, advocacy and revenue.

Enable a New Marketing Channel

Today, 90 percent of all commerce happens in the physical world. That’s why hospitality, food, travel, entertainment, healthcare and many other industries are seeking ways to differentiate their onsite customer experiences. With TE2’s platform, your brand can starting influencing real-world customer interactions, and open the door to true omni-channel personalization for the very first time.

Helping Brands Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

In today’s experience economy, brands that deliver unique customer experiences seize market share and stand out from the crowd. Creating positive, memorable experiences for your customers leads to more loyalty, advocacy, and revenue for your brand. We founded TE2 specifically to help brands like yours personalize interactions at every stage in the customer journey.
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