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Your Future Guests Have Arrived

Give Them Memorable Experiences That Differentiate Your Brand

Engage Personally with Your Guests Before, During and After Their Stay

Hotels have long known how important personalization is for delivering impressive, stand-out guest experiences. Historically, this was done by attentive staff like the doorman who knows your name and the bartender who knows your drink. Today, TE2’s platform can automate personalized guest communications throughout the entire guest journey. Develop individualized content for guests as they plan trips, while they are onsite and after they leave. Leverage guest stay dates, loyalty, behavior, preferences, demographics along with time and real-time location to deliver personalized content, tips, offers and recommendations that positively influence how they experience your brand.

Curate Guest Journeys

Hotels and resorts can use TE2’s Control Room dashboard to orchestrate guest experiences:
  • Help your guest plan and reserve activities before they arrive
  • Guide guests throughout your property with an interactive map and wayfinding
  • Provide information and hours for key outlets such as restaurants and shops
  • Publish event and activity schedules, with recommendations
  • Deliver information specific to wedding parties, business travelers, tours and other groups

Control Room

A Better Experience for Your Guests

From trip planning and onsite navigation, to the ability to make in-app purchases, the TE2 platform is designed to enhance guest experiences. We combine the power of mobile apps, push notifications, GPS, and maps with the information from your data. The end result? Your guests get the answers before they have the questions and you get the ROI, just by using the data you already have.
Experience Marketing

Proactively answer common FAQs

Help your guests make the most of their stay

Make choices easier and remove fear of missing out

Enable easy, one-click food ordering, activity reservations and more

Orchestrate Positive Impacts on Your Hotel Operations

You may know how experience management programs can elevate a guest’s experience with your hotel brand, but did you know that such a program can benefit your hotel’s operations? Guest relations, marketing, sales, F&B, facilities, housekeeping and more are all positively impacted when guests receive the information they need at the right point in their stay. The ability to send targeted, contextual messages can extend to internal communications for actionable, real-time employee-to-employee communication.
See historical and real-time engagement results for insight into onsite guest behaviors
Trigger offers for unsold tickets or reservations based on real-time inventory
Influence guests to stay onsite and utilize amenities, dining and additional services
Design, manage and encourage adoption of loyalty program

Use Existing Data and Find New Sources

Your hospitality organization already has access to significant amounts of customer data through Systems of Record (SOR): reservations, food and entertainment ticketing, spa bookings, keyless entry, and more. TE2’s platform uses your existing data to create a digital fingerprint for each of your connected guests, then supplements it with additional collected data like behavior and location. With additional data from wearables, IoT retrofits and in-app surveys, your hotel can deliver highly-personalized content that is critical for influencing guest experiences.
Systems Integration

White Glove Experiences

We help hospitality brands all over the world engage individually with their guests before, during and after their visit. Our platform enables personalized greetings on arrival, recommendations based on past behavior and many other high-touch communications that help create memorable stays and loyal guests. See how we brought our passion, vision and technology together to create our groundbreaking guest engagement solution for the hospitality industry.
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