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Experiences that Exceed Expectations

Contextual Experiences Based on Real-Time Customer Data, Time and Location

Your customer’s expectations have evolved; they no longer purchase products and services alone, they buy the entire experience. At the core of our human existence, experience breeds connection, loyalty, and trust. Are you prepared to offer the next generation of customer satisfaction? Imagine a world where your customer’s every need is met. They never have to remember their credit card, wait in line, or miss an event or activity that is important to them. Restaurant reservations are pre-booked based on food allergy specifications, location, and family size, and real-time notifications pop up with reminders, driving directions, and insider tips. We see a future where the customer’s preferences are so engrained in their experiences that technology is essential to serving their needs, easing the stresses of travel, and providing conveniences in the palm of their hand. The secret? Your data, our technology.

How TE2 Delivers

TE2 offers the first and only experience management platform to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Our platform leverages your existing customer data along with their real-time location and behavior to deliver personalized, contextual content at just the right moment in their journeys. These immersive customer experiences elevate how customers experience your brand, resulting in increased loyalty, advocacy, NPS and revenue.

Personalized Experience

Speak to a customer’s emotional, rational, and physical needs through customized interactions that help humanize your brand, creating a personalized experience.

Real-Time Updates

Enhance customer service with automated alerts and messages based on customer context so you’re always one step ahead of their needs.

Expedited Planning & Booking

Help guests plan their day with personalized recommendations, based on  preferences and past behavior.


Easy Mobile Integration

Deliver personalized, mobile itineraries so guests arrive with a plan for what to do first, and throughout their day.

Personalized Customer Experience Made Easy

Our platform not only helps create personalized experiences for your consumers, it makes innovation scalable for your marketing and operations teams. Learn how we integrate with your existing technology so that you can focus on building the experiences and customized interactions your consumers seek.
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