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Ease the Patient Journey

Deliver Engaging, Personalized and Frictionless Experiences

Thoughtful Care Experiences

While patients and caregivers are concerned with a health matter, you want them to have the most positive care experience possible. Challenges like arriving on time for an appointment when lost in an unfamiliar facility or the need to repeatedly complete the same form in multiple offices add unnecessary stress and affect a patient’s perception of your care. Our platform can address the friction points encountered during a doctor or hospital visit by delivering the right information at just the right time to patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.

Customize The Journey

Every care journey is unique, while hospital signs, volunteers and other experience resources give only general information. Use patient and operational data to provide personalized content that guides patients and caregivers through their unique journey. Deliver appointment reminders, door-to-door directions, and real-time appointment status – what time it will start, and how much longer it may take. Patients and caregivers will appreciate the frictionless experience you create.
Operations Support
Guide Patients to a Doctor’s Office
Keep Patients Informed and Engaged Between Visits
Automate Check-in and Other Routine Processes
Make and Manage Appointments for Ongoing Care
Provide Convenient Food Ordering and Delivery
Simplify Patient-Family Coordination
Encourage Patients to Provide Timely Feedback
Control Access and Grant Entitlements

Data-Driven Experiences

TE2’s platform uses your existing records and data along with time and location to improve how patients and caregivers interact with your facility. We combine patient information with operations data to deliver helpful experiences throughout a care journey for everyone involved. Results are used to continually inform and refine the patient, caregiver and operations experiences over time.

Safe Use of Patient Data

TE2’s platform can leverage any number of customer data points, but does not store or alter a patient’s medical records. We leverage data from existing EMR and CRM systems and append time, location and other behavioral data to determine a patient or caregiver’s context at any moment. TE2’s platform continually determines whether a patient’s real-time context meets the criteria for triggering any number of experiences, based on rules and parameters you control.

An Industry Partner

Introducing new technology is hard, especially when you are part of an industry in a learning curve. TE2 offers a comprehensive onboarding process – from the way we integrate with your current systems, to the security of our platform, to the speed at which we can deploy your new tool.

Proven Results

When designing positive patient care journeys, you want to make sure you’re on the right track. Our reporting and analytics will help you measure and share success with stakeholders, and identify areas to optimize.

Completely custom

No medical system is alike and the ability to customize technology platforms to fit the needs of your organization is key to long-term success. We use our experience providing engagement solutions to the healthcare industry to design and build a tool that fits your organizational needs, where you are today, and where you’re headed.

Modern tools for your organization

The healthcare industry is catching up with the digital and technological advancements now available to, and commonly used by, businesses in other industries. Give your organization a head-start by investing in the latest technology.

Ready to get started?

Your goal is patient care, our solution is to make that possible. Care outcomes, speed of visit, patient satisfaction and long-term health engagement – all of this starts to become predictable, programmatic and scalable when you partner with TE2