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Our retail engagement platform impacts every consumer touch to deliver the highest ROI

Combine your digital and onsite strategies

Behind every purchase, there are dozens of small moments. From researching products online to walking past the product in your locations, consumers seamlessly fluctuate between digital and physical interactions. For most retail brands, the ability to merge their onsite and digital strategies has been out of reach. Until now. The TE2 platform gives retail brands the opportunity to create an integrated consumer engagement strategy, where every moment – digital or physical – can be attributed to the final purchase.
Send push notifications to consumers when they’re in close proximity to a product they’ve previously viewed online
Personalized email offers based on which products consumers stop and look at while inside the store
Multi-touch attribution that includes websites, mobile web, mobile apps and physical visits

Gamification is Key

In a recent survey by Neilson, 81% of global loyalty program participants said they want to earn reward points regardless of where they make the purchase, and 77% found it appealing to have personalized promotions based on past purchases. Brands that can harness the power of gamification see immediate returns in customer satisfaction, basket share, and long-term brand loyalty.

The Brain Behind The Technology

  • Think of our orchestration layer as the brainpower behind your customer experience strategy. It is collecting and directing all of your data to create endless moments of consumer delights.

  • By combining data from your POS, CMS and other systems, we are able to find key ways in which we can engage with your customers and enhance their experience.

  • Because retail organizations have so many different data systems, we’ve ensured our platform can integrate with all of them so you get the most ROI from your investments.

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Convenience For Your Customer, Security For You

The balance between seamless interaction, ease-of-use, and cutting-edge data security is always top of mind when you oversee big data. We understand completely how important data security is to all our customers. When you work with TE2, integrate the platform into your systems, and use the platform, data security is always top of mind for us.  The platform comes with peace of mind as deploy an ecosystem that is as wonderful to use for your IT team as it is for the marketing department and your consumers.

Retail industry specific

The retail industry is so high-touch and competitive that it requires a special understanding to be able to provide consultative guidance. That’s why we are honored that so many retail brands see us as the obvious choice for retail engagement and strategic partnership.

Harness feedback

Consumer content like reviews, tagging and social sharing are the new carrier pigeons of your message. At TE2, we understand that interaction is everything and so we’ve created a technology offering that entices customers to engage, and uses that engagement to build brand power.

Completely custom

The key to a memorable customer experience is the unexpected – and you can’t get unexpected from an out-of-the-box or one-size-fits-all solution. At TE2, we design custom platforms that match your customer and organizational needs exactly.

Stay relevant

In retail, there’s always an organization on the front lines of digital innovation. Those are the brands that are using the newest technology and adopting the most cutting edge strategies. And those are the brands that will be relevant to future consumers.

Ready to get started?

Your goal is brand equity and customer retention, our solution makes that possible. Basket share, customer profiles, decreased CPA and increased customer interaction with your brand – all of this becomes predictable, programmatic and scalable when you partner with TE2

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