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Become Memory Makers

Enhance Customer Experiences Before, During and After Park Visits

Help Your Park Visitors Have a Better Day

Your visitors arrive with high expectations for a day of fun and ready to make lifelong memories. With limited time to do and see it all, the last thing you want is for them to encounter frustrations — what to do first, where to find what they need, how to navigate your venue. With our platform you can address pain points and deliver positive experiences through special offers, walking directions, ride wait times and insider tips that arrive at just the right time in each guest’s visit.

Make Visitors Feel Special

Your park’s CCTV, audio, collateral, signage and other park marketing are limited to mass communication, but your visitors are individuals with varying needs. Give first-time visitors information to acclimate and find essentials, reward season pass holders for their loyalty, and help thrill seekers maximize the number of rides they can go on. Make each customer feel special, while building loyalty for repeat visits and increased revenue.

Help visitors plan their day with content, offers and recommendations

Address visitor pain points and answer FAQs

Acknowledge pass holders, VIPs, families and other segments

Use real-time ops data to inform guests of wait times, closures and schedule changes


Orchestrate Positive Impacts on Park Operations

The same long lines and crowded areas that frustrate park visitors also cause pain for your employees. TE2’s platform can leverage real-time park conditions to influence visitor behavior for positive operational impacts. A perfectly-timed lunch offer can drive crowds to less popular restaurants while alleviating long lines at others. When ticket booth lines are too long, a flash sale on mobile tickets can benefit both visitors and your box office.
Operations Support

Alleviate crowded areas, minimize long lines and reduce complaints

See real-time campaign results and in-park activity

See onsite guest location and profile data at any given time

Gain insight into onsite guest behavior among groups and individuals

Your Future Guest Experience

The curated experience: Before leaving home, visitors can create a “must see” list with rides, restaurants, shows and character meet and greets. Using park data such as ride wait times and event schedules, customers can walk through the entry gate with a suggested itinerary. Throughout the day, they receive contextual content based on time, location, behavior and real-time park conditions. Over time, the visitor experience becomes increasingly intuitive through the use of AI and machine learning using historical data from other guests. TE2’s platform can deliver these kinds of experiences to your guests through campaigns managed through the Control Room dashboard.
Control Room

Data-Driven CX

  • TE2’s platform compiles data from any number of sources and makes it available to you for designing your CX program.

  • Use customer, location, behavior, past purchases and other data to personalize experiences throughout the customer journey. Leverage real-time operations data to influence positive outcomes of customer visits.

  • Turn unused data into information you can use to impact guest experiences, differentiate your brand, earn loyalty and drive revenue.

How It Works

Leverage TE2's Industry Expertise

TE2 works with major theme park groups across the world. We are experienced in customer and operational needs and campaign best practices throughout the engagement lifecycle. We also understand the complexities of your industry and have existing integrations for common ticketing systems, ride wait time and other industry Systems of Record (SORs).

Visitor Insights

The ability to track and evaluate park visitors on a micro and macro scale means you can see who your biggest revenue drivers are, and who needs more attention.

Increase revenue, maximize ROI

We’ve impacted revenue for parks worldwide with easy mobile transactions, the delivery of highly targeted and contextual offers, and by providing guest experiences that drive loyalty, repeat visits and increased spending. We continually mine analytics and campaign results for test and optimization recommendations, and for insight into universal theme park guest behavior.

The theme is personal

The future of theme parks is personalization, and the TE2 platform is the key to repeatable, scalable and smart personalization – before your guest arrives at your park, during their visit, and long after.

Ready to get started?

We’re ready to help you take your park to the next level. Memorable experiences become everyday when you partner with TE2.
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